"Play a funny joke on someone with our Real Looking lottery tickets!"
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The Magical Little Gag Item That Will Have You Dying With Laughter!

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Our fake lottery tickets will fool all your lottery playing Friends, Family, Co-Workers -- Even Your BOSS!

These real looking fake scratch off lottery tickets are a great gag gift, parties of 2012, birthday prank, any major holiday novelty item or a dirty practical joke for the compulsive lottery player!

These nicely designed new full color gag lottery tickets look and feel completely like the real scratch tickets you would buy at the lottery venders. When people scratch off the front of the ticket, they'll be shocked to see they've won $10,000, $20,000 or even $50,000. Every ticket is an automatic winner! People can't wait to tell their friends the good news...

fake lottery tickets, practical jokes, practical joke ideas, gag gifts, gags, april fool gags, april fools tricks, april fools joke, april fools day pranksBut when they read the fine print on the back, they'll know they've been duped by a dirty joke. Great way to fool friends, co-workers, or anyone who plays the lottery. Demand for these lottery tickets have been huge since we introduced them recently..

You will never forget the facial expression of the lucky person you give these fake winning tickets to! If you order a larger quantity, you'll get the 5 different assorted Fake Scratch Lottery tickets shown below! Order today and have a blast playing one of the funniest practical gambling joke of this lifetime!!

These new fake lotto tickets are so funny, they will have you rolling on the floor laughing in tears! Perfect for holiday gifts, birthday and family parties! Give them to your boss, office co-workers, friends, enemy, your mom, dad, brother, sister, just about anyone that plays scratch off lottery tickets... Order a couple of these hilarious fake lottery tickets right now... "These look and feel just like the real Scratch Off Lottery Tickets - Exactly like the real Thing!!"

Gag lotto tickets are so funny, they will have you rolling on the floor laughing in tears! Perfect for holiday gifts and family parties!

The Possibilities Are Endless: Stuff some in presents, birthday cards, Christmas stocking stuffers, Thanksgiving day party, use them for an ice breaker on your next date, trick your husband or wife into thinking they've won $25,000... New Year's Day, Easter dinner, People use them to trick their co workers and boss. Great way to trick your gambling buddies too!!

These are our 5 "Most Popular Selling" designs we have!
They look and feel just like the real Scratch Off Tickets - Exactly like the real Size!!

Gag Lottery Ticket - These fake lotto tickets  look like the real thing. Every scratch off lottery ticket  is a big winner

All scratch off fake lottery tickets are WINNERS!
Guaranteed to make your friends & family go crazy!!

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6 Assorted Lotto Tickets .............Sale Price: $9.95
12 Assorted Lotto Tickets .........Sale Price: $12.98
20 Assorted Lotto Tickets .........Sale Price: $16.31
30 Assorted Lotto Tickets .........Sale Price: $21.88
45 Assorted Lotto Tickets .........Sale Price: $24.95
60 Assorted Lotto Tickets .........Sale Price: $29.66
75 Assorted Lotto Tickets .........Sale Price: $36.38
Most orders are shipped out every business day, so you get it fast.
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Fake Lottery Tickets Scratch Off Lotto Ticket
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